Time Saver Tip: Weekly Outfit Planning

This is my best tip for the dreaded daily morning question: “What am I going to wear today?”…

Think of this as an equivalent to your weekend meal prep. This one tip is great for any day during the work week when you may have overslept (me almost every day) and running low on time to take a shower, put on makeup, dry your hair, eat breakfast, etc. Think of this time saver tip as one less “to-do” task before starting your work day…

I take 30-45 minutes on Sunday night’s to plan out what my outfits will be for Monday-Friday each week. I usually start laundry in the morning on Sundays, so after I’m done meal prepping my lunches/dinners for the week and running any errands on my to-do list, I then move on to putting together outfits after my laundry is done and I have fresh, clean clothes for the week.

After I plan out my daily outfits, I steam and/or iron and hang all the pieces together in my closet in the order I want to wear them for each specific day. Here is the hand steamer I have and recommend! Good steamers tend to be expensive, bulky and hard to store, but this is not the case for this specific one!

Affordable Wardrobe Rack: Click here

I have been “bulk styling and planning” my outfits for years. I mean, I started doing this in middle school. I’ve always loved styling and planning out exactly what each outfit will look like from head to toe including all the accessories from jewelry to what handbag matched best. This was never a chore or something I didn’t enjoy, but I think all in all, it’s the best time saver hack I do for myself that many people could benefit from, even if it could be considered a chore to others. Just like meal prepping is my least favorite chore, I turn on some fun music and maybe pour myself a glass of wine to make it more enjoyable. This will work for bulk outfit planning too, if you need the extra motivation!

In addition to feeling like I have my life together and more time in the mornings during the week, this also keeps me accountable to actually get out of bed, take a shower and look presentable for the day. It’s been a year since making the decision to work from home indefinitely and I still feel like I’m learning how to do it well most days. I truly believe if you look your best, you feel your best and you are much more productive and confident in your work and daily tasks.

Today isn’t too late to plan out the rest of your daily outfits for this week! Turn on a little music and get yourself an alcoholic beverage and help yourself look and feel your best this week! If you try this tip, let me know how you like it and if it saves you time. Message and follow me on Instagram for more tips and outfit inspiration! Click here: @shannon.n.jones


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