Spring Shoes Round Up

Despite the fact that I’m writing this post on a sunny balcony, my shoe selection (and my sanity) can’t keep up with this cold-to-warm-to-cold-again weather that changes every. single. day. Since I can remember, this has always been the hardest time of year when it comes to deciding what pair of shoes is appropriate for my outfits. A typical spring day in Denver consists of chilly mornings with bright and sunny afternoons, which makes getting dressed a pretty difficult task.

After asking my Instagram followers if spring shoe selection was a common problem, I decided to put together a list of my favorite spring shoes to help y’all. Some listed below I do actually own, while others I probably will in the near future. 😉 You’ll notice that I kept it very simple when it comes to colors and patterns. You’ll see a lot of black and nude shades – this is because they’re versatile and easy to style. So here you go, spring shoes for those “what the heck am I going to wear” mornings…

Peep Toe Booties:


Vince Camuto Peep Toe Booties: My favorite of all time, for real.

Tom’s Booties: Very similar as above, just a little more casual.

Cole Haan Cognac Booties: Simple, yet timeless.

Cole Haan Booties in Black: Same as above!

Peep toe Mules with a heel in SO many colors! Shoot, I need these.


Steve Madden Snake Skin Mules: My favorite shoes I own. Til death do us part, I’m serious. I wear them all year long.

Steve Madden Black and Tan leather Mules: Closet staples. I wear these to work constantly and they’re so cute paired with casual pieces for the weekend!

Target’s A New Day Cognac & Black Mules: S’cute and also budget friendly!

Mules with a heel: I just love a good heel.


Leopard print loafers: Always my go-to for pattern mixing!

Plaid loafers: For the office. AND on sale!

Snake Skin loafers: I can’t get enough. Spring, summer, fall & winter – all the seasons are covered with these beauties. 44% off right now – woo!

Sneakers – Casual and Work Appropriate:


THESE WHITE SNEAKERS: I’ve been wearing them non-stop! I’m currently writing this post in them. 🙂 They’re comfy and the price makes me happy.

Topshop white sneakers: I’m diggin’ these, too. Also available in a fun print!

Steve Madden Platform Slip On Sneakers: Casual for the weekend and comes in 3 colors!

Tall Boots


Lucchese “Donna” Boots: My most recent splurge and I still don’t regret it in the slightest.


FullSizeRender (12)

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